What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is a highly effective energy healing and personal development modality that empowers you for positive change. Through a range of tools and techniques, you can reprogram your subconscious mind from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are preventing you from happiness, wellness, prosperity, abundance and love.


The ThetaHealing meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.  Her original book details her personal healing journey and her connection to the Creator utilizing her meditation technique. 

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is. It is a focused prayer to the Creator and allows you to train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

The ThetaHealing technique is always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It teaches how to put to use one's own natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of the Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work.” We believe by focused prayer utilizing a “Theta” and "delta" brainwave (incorporating physics and quantum physics), you can actually witness the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing. We have learned that through the ThetaHealing Technique intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional wellbeing.


To Learn more about the ThetaHealing technique, visit www.thetahealing.com

How it works?

Theta Healing® is a rapidly growing personal development and energy healing modality. Through a range of tools and techniques, a practitioner is able to access the limiting beliefs and feelings stored in the subconscious mind and change them instantly into empowering ones. This is done through the energy of All That Is – the energy in everything. The practitioner does this from the theta brainwave. When we change what we believe, we change how we feel, which leads to making different choices and taking new actions. Hence changing our results and our life.


Using a theta brain wave, the practitioner is able to connect with the Energy of All That Is to identify issues with and witness healings and to identify and change limiting beliefs. Discover the belief and feeling work that can change the thinking within you that is linked to illness. Theta Healing is essentially applying quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the Energy of All That Is – the energy in everything – to identify issues with and witness healings on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs.

   On the first consultation, we discuss your questions and goals, we are also going to talk about which kind of beliefs could be holding you back on achieving these goals. I will then do an intuitive scan to discover which other beliefs are creating an issue in your life, e.g. illness, lack of money, relationship problems, employment problem etc. Then, during the session, you should be sitting in a relaxed position with their eyes closed. This allows you to go into a theta brainwave which is a very relaxed and meditative state. This facilitates the work through the sub-conscious mind where our core beliefs and feelings are held.

   I work from the theta brainwave and with Creator of All That Is to co-create the changes. I would then ask your permission to change whatever beliefs keep you from having what you want and replace them with new beliefs that empower you to create the life you desire.


   I may also teach your body positive new feelings so you can start to feel more beautiful, confident, joyful, peaceful, and abundant right away.


  The techniques that make up this work can be divided into a few categories such as muscle-testing (derived from Kinesiology), body reading (energetic scanning), working with the DNA at the quantum energy level, changing core beliefs and feelings to empowering ones. Theta Healing® also works just as effectively over long distances as it does in-person.

What happens in a session?

Ready to overcome your limits?

Skype, Zoom or in person. Fairly investment according to the country you live.


Theta Healing® £125 for 60 minutes session.


Packages(recommended): 4 x 1-hour Theta Healing® Sessions. Expires within 12 months of purchase; 60-minute session to be booked weekly or monthly via Skype or in person for £450

Cancellation policy: A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment. Otherwise, you will be required to pay the session in full.

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