Life coaching

 Life coaching is about analysing and closing the gap between reality and dreams.


 It is a process that focuses on the discovery of your goals and is based on a holistic approach that involves planning and action in several spheres of your life.


 People need guidance in the form of life coaching when they need to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realisation of their dreams and goals.


 Life coaching is a gradual process, whereby a life coach helps someone to dig beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs and helps them understand internal obstacles to their success and wellbeing.


 As a life coach, I can help people examine different thoughts within their psyche and help them analyse what is important to them.


 While the client will make all the final decisions on their own, a life coach can help them clarify issues.

Why a life coach?

What good is life coaching? Why do I need someone to tell me how to live my life?  How would listening to someone else talk about what they think I should do really help me? Am I not capable of being my best self on my own?

 These are some of the questions that many people have been asking themselves and has contributed to a misunderstanding of what life coaching is, how it works, and how it can help people find out what drives them and apply it to create a better and more fulfilling life.


 If this description of life coaching sounds like it could benefit just about anybody, it’s because it can. Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, which pairs a mental health professional with a client who may be struggling with an illness or disability.

  It’s not mentorship, in which a professional is paired with a more experienced professional. Life coaching is also distinct from a training relationship, where a teacher or trainer agrees to share their knowledge or skills with a client for a short period of time.


 Life coaching can help fill in the gaps in our master plans and clarify the path from where we are to where we want to be. It is a partnership between the life coach and the client designed to help the client explore their options, focus on their goals, and create a personalized action plan.


 Life coaches do not give their clients a list of boxes to tick or a strict set of steps to follow, rather they aim to help their clients discover their own motives and goals, and aid them in finding the best path towards them.

Let's work together!

1:1 Coaching + mindfulness 3 months program

 This program was created to impact your life and change it for the better. Combining coaching tools and mindfulness techniques, we're going to discover what is inside your heart, connect with your inner desires and set goals to achieve your dreams.


 It includes:

  • An assessment questionnaire that will challenge your big fears, significant strengths and discover what it is relevant at the moment. This before we start our sessions

  • 1 x 1H15 minutes in person, Skype or Zoom Meeting. On the first session we’re going to focus on an area or blocks you are experiencing. We’re going to set goals for your coaching series ahead and begin to work on the plans and strategies that will help you achieve your goals.


  • 5 x 60 minutes in person, Skype or Zoom Meeting sessions where we will analyze your progress stretch and challenge you even more with some new actions. You will overcome fears, experience joy and new ways of thinking.


  • Unlimited email to feel safe and supported between sessions. To guide you with less fear, more actions, and more significant impact.


  • Applicable worksheets, mindfulness techniques with breathing techniques and specific meditations, books, relevant material, resources and other useful tools to support you throughout your series.​​​​​​​​

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