A little about my story 

 When I was little I wanted to be an actress so I could live many lives in one. I thought that when we grew up and chose a profession we needed to stick with that forever, but that, I did not want to, I thought it was boring to be just one thing. I had a thousand dreams of travelling the whole world and doing a thousand things, one choice was very little for me. I grew up and changed my mind many times, first I wanted to be a journalist but I became a Press Relation instead, but not for long. I went to live abroad, to learn French, another of my many dreams and I ended up being a nanny, a saleswoman, a waitress, a telemarketer, a political student, science of communication student, an Airport Station Attendant ... I went to France to stay a year and I ended up becoming French, I spent there ten years of my life, with an interval of one year living in Venezuela in the middle of all this.


 And my life continued, I became a photographer, cultural consultant, wife and mother. By the way, motherhood was and still is one of my favourite roles, with which I discovered the meaning of Unconditional Love. All this, with varying intervals and different levels of love, obligations and commitment. Until I moved again and became a mother for the second time. I was happy to experience all these adventures. The most interesting of all this is that I sometimes forgot to be me, or rather, I still did not know whom I was meant to be. I realized that this lack of knowledge generated pain, insecurity and fear. The answer was coming slowly when I decided to reconnect with my childhood; with things I had learned when I was little, that had been neglected in adulthood. I reconnected with my spiritual side and my relationship with the divine. This search opened new and beautiful paths full of love and discovery. I learned to meditate in 2010, started practising yoga and since then evolution has been slowly happening. I was a mother for the third time, I changed country again, and life now seemed too busy to have time for me. Moments of doubt and anxiety returned with great force and the act of leaving behind a beloved place and loved ones hurt a lot. It was the ups and downs of this existence that were leaving their mark.


The best encounters and the most striking change happened when I felt frustrated in my life purpose. I began to wonder if I was on the right path, I loved photography, a profession I was practising until then, but I felt that I wanted to do more for myself and other people. I began to seek inside and outside the answer to my questions. I thought of doing psychology, medicine, family constellation etc ... But it was the Theta Healing technique that enchanted me, and that marked my turn. It all started in a session with a very dear friend Theta Healer, and then came the courses and training that extremely quickly and efficiently set me free from limits imposed by my unaware mind and myself. Later came to the course of Life Coach, Mindfulness, Acces Bars and many others to further enrich the range of possibilities in the idea of helping people. Nowadays I feel transformed and happy, with a long and exciting way to go in this search for inner renewal and in the intention of helping in the transformation of self-discovery other people who, like me, are seeking to know who they are, to grow and to feel more complete.


With love!


Isabel Mendes is an Intuitive life-coach, advanced ThetaHealer and mindfulness practitioner. Using ThetaHealing, a very empowering healing technique that supports people in making changes to their lives, learning how to love themselves and how to connect within, overcoming their own limits to live a fuller and abundant life.


She offers life coach sessions, ThetaHealing session and Mindfulness/Meditation techniques, to empower people's lives. 


She has a natural and strong intuition and wants to give the very best holistic experience to her clients. She has 3 children and has worked as a Public Relations and Photographer for many years before becoming a life coach and understanding daily pressure, deadlines daily stress.


Isabel works with low self-esteem, stress, health issues, finding clarity, discovering what you really want, determining your priorities, and reconnecting with yourself and with your dreams.


"Last month I had a couple of what were the beginning of life changing sessions with Isabel. I am now in greater peace with myself and others, which had given me the energy and excitement to explore new things. Thank you Isabel for enabling this."

Mia Hasenson-Gross

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